PMC Conference Call - September 13, 2004

Attending: Naci Dai, Dominique de Vito, Jochen Krause, Christophe Ney, David Williams, Arthur Ryman, Mitch Sonies

Project promotion by Mitch

  • Mitch working on project Press Release & exposure
  • The proposed objectives are:
    • Make people aware that the project exists
    • Convince the world that project is community driven, not IBM
  • Should be able to get support from Beth
  • Comments by Jochen that communication should wait for first milestones to be released.

Code base progress report

  • Code review of structured code editor is been conducted. If positive, initial code could be moved to CVS next week
  • Review of server tools architecture is been conducted
    • Feedback by Joachim, SAP on current server tool API
  • XML based configuration been included to IBM server tools
    • Compatibility problem of IBM contribution with Eclipse 3.1 to be resolved

Milestone planning

  • Draft of milestone planning document is in circulation
  • Final version is due by next week, as result of code review may impact M3
  • Naci confident that M1, M2 can be reached according to the plan, but for flexible project structure manager (M3)

Resources availability

  • Eteration, Innoopract, Exadel, Thales, INRIA ressources are now fully engaged
  • OpenWide, Together Teamlosungen resources should be engaged by the end of the week
  • Participation of BULL and Librados to be consolidated
  • More ressources should be available from SAP (Web Services) and JBoss
  • Contribution from B.C. Holmes to be investigated by Arthur


  • EclipseCon CFP open. WTP contributors are encouraged to submit talks (please notify PMC)

Minutes taken by Christophe Ney and posted by Dominique De Vito, September 30 2004