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PMC Conference Call - September 6, 2004

Attending: Naci Dai, Dominique de Vito, Jochen Krause, Christophe Ney.

Code base status

  • Build is now available => should promoted for public download
    • CVS includes initial server tools, tomcat support, TCP/IP monitor
  • Eteration working on extension of server support (IBM) to generic XML configuration (Lomboz)
    • Architecture document for more flexible server tools (adaptator) will be made available on Wednesday by Naci
    • Naci looking for support to get BULL involved in server tools (architecture review, validation with JOnAS)
    • Naci exploring contribution of SAP/JBoss
  • Proposal is to concentrate effort on server tools and extensible editor

Planning committee report

  • A few calls have taken place to bring everybody up to speed
    • So far positive answers from
      • Vladislav (Openwide) => code review of extensible editor
      • Thomas (Frameworxs) => design of generic project support
    • Still trying to get in touch with Together and Librados
  • PMC looking for contribution on code review for
    • Extensible editor (Jens Lukowski, Innoopract, OpenWide, Exadel)
  • PMC accepting contributions on code review for
    • Data tools (Exadel - Xquark - Librados - Together)
  • Draft of themes document has been made available to PMC for review before publishing
  • Difficulties experienced to get any commitment on dates by participants for milestone plan
  • Proposal is to move forward with following milestone plan (due next monday)
  • October 15 - M1 (server tools)
    • build infrastructure
    • server support for tomcat
    • servlet debugging
    • integrated lomboz generic xml server support
    • display in browser
  • December 17 - M2 (extensible editor)
    • project layout for web modules
    • structured source code editor
    • JSP editor


  • EclipseCon CFP open. WTP contributors are encouraged to submit talks (please notify pmc)
  • Jochen participating to Pollinate project

Minutes taken by Christophe Ney and posted by Dominique De Vito, September 30 2004

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