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PMC Conference Call - August 16, 2004

Attending: Dominique de Vito, Jochen Krause, David Williams, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Arthur Ryman, Mitch Sonies

Requirements Group reportĀ  from Jochen

  • Requirements group has a draft of the requirements. It will be put on the website before the end of the week.
  • The flexible project structure requirements that Todd Williams is writing are going to be late - perhaps as much as a week late.
  • Jochen has been attending the weekly Pollinate call to gather requirements.

Architecture Group report by David

  • The rough draft of the architecture document is ready and will be posted on the website today.
  • The draft follows the "better earlier and incomplete than later and perfect" - we expect it to be a living document.

Wed Standard Tools by Arthur

  • The team will be creating the top-level CVS structure this week.
  • The team will then check-in the initial server tools code, also this week.
  • Arthur will post the milestone plan that he and Naci have worked out to the website this week.
  • The build servers are working, although they exist behind a firewall, so the outputs (builds, logs, stats, etc) will be uploaded to the website after each build. The server tools code check-in will be the first test of the builds.
  • Thanks to the EMF project for all their help setting up our build servers.

Planning Group report by Dominique

  • Dominique is just back from vacation.
  • He will be collecting code reviews from contributors and making notes about which contributors are actually contributing.
  • He will work with the IBM webmaster to get the correct set of committers (right now there are some who should be there who are not and some who are there who should not be).
  • He will work with the IBM webmaster to get the correct set of WebDAV committers (same problem). Also, we need an automated script that gens the WebDAV committer names the way it does for committers.
  • The planning group will work on the themes document a la the Eclipse platform plan - although there is still no committed delivery date.

Publicity by Mitch

  • Mitch is forming a working group to brainstorm about how to generate the appropriate publicity and knowledge about the project in spite of the lack of resources from

Misc Business by Bjorn

  • The PMC voted to, at Henrik's request, replace Henrik with David Williams as the Architecture Group representative on the PMC.

Minutes posted by Bjorn Freeman-Benson, August 16 2004

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