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PMC Conference Call - August 9, 2004

Attending: Christophe Ney, Jochen Krause, David Williams, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Naci Dai, Arthur Rhyman

Requirements Group reportĀ  from Jochen

  • Requirements group has been functioning for one week
  • Using a wiki to gather their thoughts
  • Will publish a draft of requirements on the website next week (August 16th)
  • Should we use 3.0 or the latest 3.1 milestone? Consensus was that we should track the latest milestone.

Planning Group report by Christophe

  • One response to the email asking for help with reviewing the initial contributions.
  • Code camp is being considered but nothing definite yet
  • Planning document similar to the Eclipse platform plan is a good idea, but there is no commitment to produce one.

Architecture Group report by David

  • Rough draft of the architecture document on the website by the end of the week
  • There was a lot of discussion about perhaps people have too high of expectations for the document?
  • Conclusion: earlier and incomplete better than later and perfect

Web Standard Tools by Naci

  • M0: the first public build - should be available via the website by next week. Including the Cruise Control build status page, etc.
  • Further discussion of the build process, what to do when builds break, etc. will take place on the wtp-dev mailing list.

Postponed by Bjorn

  • We'll talk about scope expansion/reduction/etc next week.
  • We also need to get an M0, M1, M2 plan onto the website so that everyone knows our dates and goals. The Planning Group should put this together or else we'll have to find an alternative solution next week.

Minutes posted by Bjorn Freeman-Benson, August 9 2004

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