PMC Conference Call - March 29, 2005
Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], David Williams [DW], Dominique De Vito [DV], Arthur Ryman [AR], Bjorn Freeman-Benson [BB], Jochen Krause [JK], Naci Dai [ND] Others: Lawrence Mandel (representing WTP community) [LM]

Procedural matters

  • Update on last week’s request that EMO investigate IRC server for telecon use: will be delayed for several months.

Community [LM]

  • EclipseWorld submissions: tutorial would be good [AR], target audience is end users rather than plug-in developers – could reuse material from EclipseCon overview (plus updates from 1.0 release). AR, TW, and Tim deBoer may all be submitting talks.
  • Help system – build working, will push out to public machine this week. General convention in Eclipse is to ship help with the download. While we will have something ready by 1.0 ship, concern is that we will not have enough manpower to have this ready in time; if we have a quarterly maintenance release, may need to use that as the documentation release vehicle. Doc build is separate from code, so we will need to use a later (1.0.1) release vehicle the first time around to complete documentation. One suggestion is to have developers try to update some of the areas of significant change (like flexible project model). Build periodicity: part of N-builds for simplicity. (Requires 2-3 minutes to run, produces about 3M of output.) Currently a separate feature.
  • (External) Link breakage / Cross Project Coordination: (M3 separate download no longer works because of broken links.) Two options – asking other teams to keep the links alive, or maintaining local copies of the material we need. I-builds from other projects are needed for fixes or platform milestone compatibility, but if another team deletes an I-build, we should no longer be relying on it. Resolved to copy I-builds from other projects (not platform, where we use only milestone builds).
[PMC members only for the remaining portion of the meeting]

Requirements Group Report [JK]

  • Will be discussing themes this week, and will send out results to wtp-pmc mailing list.
  • Still have two milestone plans linked on our website; see AI’s.

Architecture Group Report [DW]

  • WTP Browser support migrated to platform
  • Tabbed property sheet migrated to platform
  • (See A-G notes for further details.)
  • Component open house scheduling – will be open to any interested parties as well as WTP devs. Format: telecon + eMeeting. Proposed agenda: One hour apiece, six meetings, one meeting per week, component leads would be presenters.

AXE Proposal [AR]

  • Form-based UI for XML documents, proposed by “Anywhere”, based on Jelly (an Apache project).
  • Arthur sent a follow-up requesting an example and some exploration of the ease of use.
  • Too late for 1.0; discussion is whether this should be a 1.1 feature.
  • Since they appear inclined to proposing a technology project, we’ll evaluate that when/if it occurs.

DTP Update

  • Technical meetings getting started.
  • Proposal timeframe: June; component move targeted for August
  • Package “prenaming”: low confidence that this will happen in time for WTP 1.0

Release Review [BB]

  • Precedes each major release (WTP’s 1.0)
  • Scheduled for early in endgame
  • Purposes: verify no outstanding IP issues, set of released features vs. roadmap, verify that API is appropriate quality, defect status.

API Review

  • PMC reviewed API statistics
  • Time series / convergence tracking not yet available
  • Down to ~6K APIs (still high, but substantial progress versus starting point)
  • SSE and other components will have trouble meeting M4 exit criteria [DW], resolution is to defer API definition where necessary to meet quality goals

Action Items:

  • ND: copy I-builds referenced from other projects.
  • AR: update milestone plan on website
  • TW: finalize dates for release reviews with EMO
  • TW/AR/DW: finalize trip logistics for BEA visits
  • LM: coordinate EclipseWorld submissions with AR, TW
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, March 29, 2005