2004 Q4 WTP Quarterly Plan Update
Project Name: Web Tools Platform Project

Project Leaders: Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Christophe Ney, Dominique de Vito, Arthur Ryman, Naci Dai, Jochen Krause, David Williams, Mitch Sonies

Project Description: http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/project-scope.html

Executive Summary:
Effectively, the project did not start until September due to the combination of vacation schedules, the commercial commitments of a major contributor, and other factors. However, the project is now starting and we are taking the first steps in the right directions. Our biggest problem is turning resource contribution commitments into actions, however we do have a number of new active non-IBM committers, and we have formed working group to gather in more people.

The first chunks of code have been evaluated, revamped, and moved from the initial contributions into the CVS repository. We expect the pace of this movement to accelerate in the next quarter. We are committed to committing [sic] as fast as the community can understand the architecture, design, and code. We are working on the pieces on the critical path to a larger framework, e.g., structured source editing which is a prerequisite for JSP editing, etc.

We have found starting this project to be harder that we anticipated given its unique situation of being (a) the first time such a diverse team has been tried from day one, and (b) the first time a project has started with a large code contribution that many contributors must become familiar with.

We thank the Eclipse Platform build team for helping with our build system, and Jim des Rivieres for help with our APIs and naming schemes.

List of currently shipping software distributions (if more than one, please list by component name):
Nothing is shipping, but then we hadn't planned to ship anything yet.

Key Release Dates:

  • M1 - October 15, 2004 - Finalize build infrastructure and server tools.
  • M2 - December 15, 2004 - Flexible project layout. Initial structure source editing and EJB tools.
  • M3 - February 15, 2005 - Improved structured source editing and EJB tools. Database tools and initial Web Services.

URL to current planning document:
http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/development/planning/milestone_plan_1_0.html and http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/development/eclipse_WTP_project_plan_1_0.html

Secretary: Bjorn Freeman-Benson, October 12, 2004