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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.1 M3
New and Noteworthy


Dali Java Persistence Tools

EclipseLink Multitenancy Support

    Dali now provides rich UI and validation for the configuration of EclipseLink's multi-tenancy support. Multi-tenancy allows multiple application tenants to share the same schema using tenant descriptor columns. The current functionality supports "striped" database data known as the "Single Table" strategy.

    EclipseLink Multi-tenancy

Additional JAXB validation and content assist

    Dali has added validation and content assist for the majority of the JAXB mapping constructs including:
    • XmlElement(s)
    • XmlElementRef(s)
    • XmlAnyElement
    • XmlAnyAttribute
    • XmlId
    • XmlIdRef
    • XmlMixed
    • XmlTransient
    • XmlEnum
    • XmlEnumValue
    • XmlSchemaType
    • XmlMimeType
    • XmlJavaTypeAdapter
    • and others...

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