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Eclipse Web Tools Platform Incubator
New and Noteworthy

The WTP Incubator is a subproject fostering the creation and development of new components for existing WTP projects, before they become part of a Release. While they don't always fall under the same schedule as the WTP release itself, they are encouraged to follow the same processes. As such, a complete list of which Incubator bugs were fixed during this milestone is also available.

JAX-WS Tools

Apache CXF Web Service creation using ANT tasks

    ANT Files

    ant files

    Create Web services with the Apache CXF runtime without using the WTP Web services wizard. Create Ant tasks that can be run from within the Eclipse IDE or from the command line. Supports all scenarios currently available in the WTP Web services wizards: Bottom up, top down, and client.

JAX-WS Handler Support

    JAX-WS Handlers.

    jaxws handlers

    Wizard based support for creating logical and protocol JAX-WS handlers. JAX-WS handlers are message interceptors that may be used to carry out additional processing on inbound and outbound messages. Protocol handlers are specific to a protocol (e.g. SOAP) and they may access or change protocol specific aspects of a message while logical handlers are protocol agnostic and may only act on the message payload.

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