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Eclipse Web Tools Platform Incubator
New and Noteworthy

The WTP Incubator is a subproject fostering the creation and development of new components for existing WTP subprojects, before they become part of a release. While they don't fall under the same schedule as the WTP release itself, they are encouraged to follow the same processes. As such, a complete list of which Incubator bugs were fixed during this milestone is also available.

JAX-WS Tools

JAX-WS CNF Content Extensions

    Common Navigator Framework Content Extensions for JAX-WS Nodes.

    jaxws nodes

    A "JAX-WS Web Services" node in the Project Explorer view which contains all JSR-181 web services, their service endpoint interfaces, the web service operations and their parameters. Editing of the nodes is provided through the standard properties view.

JAXB Annotation Support

    Create and edit JAXB 2.1 annotations.

    jaxb annotations

    The Annotation Properties view now supports the creation and editing of JAXB 2.1 annotations. The view displays the applicable JAXB annotations for a selected Java element in the Java Editor.

Single Member and Marker Annotation Support

    The JAX-WS tooling now provides support for creating and adding Single Member and Marker Annotations using the Annotations Properties view.

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