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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.1 M7 - New and Noteworthy

Notable with this milestone is the formal graduation of the incubating XSL Tools into Source Editing. Congratulations, and welcome to its committers and growing community!

XML Schema

Set base type in Design View

    It is now possible to set the base type of simple and complex type declarations in the XML Schema editor design view:

    Set Base Type context menu
    The new context menu item "Set Base Type" brings up a dialog box with the available type declarations that are suitable for the selection:

    Set Type dialog box

    When the selection consists of a complex type declaration, setting the base to a simple type will generate in the source view simple content and extension elements:

    Simple content

    If the base is instead set to a complex type, complexContext and extension elements are generated in the source view:

    Complex content

    Finally, if the selection is a simple type declaration, a restriction element in the source view is generated:

    Simple Type

    At all times the properties view is updated to reflect the changes performed in the document:

    Properties view

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