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Eclipse Web Tools Platform Incubator - New and Noteworthy

The WTP Incubator is a subproject fostering the creation and development of new components for existing WTP subprojects, before they become part of a release. While they don't fall under the same schedule as the WTP release itself, they are encouraged to follow the same processes. As such, a complete list of which Incubator bugs were fixed during this milestone is also available .

XSL 1.0M6

Validators: XPath 2.0 Validation for XSLT 2.0

    The XSLT Validators will correctly handle valid XPath 2.0 expressions in XSLT 2.0. In the past, these were marked as being in error. This functionality is leveraging the XPath 2.0 processor/parsing capabilities of the PsychoPath processor.

XPath 2.0: PsychoPath processor

    XSL Tools now includes and maintains the XPath 2.0 processor, known as psychopath, thanks to a contribution from Andrea Bittau. This is a mostly compliant implementation of a 2004 Draft of the XPath 2.0 specificiation. It is also an XML Schema aware processor, allowing for the use of the XML Schema data types and grammars. The processor can be used standalone outside of eclipse as it's own JAR file.

    Future plans for this processor include having it be compliant to the current approved XPath 2.0 specification.

Launching: Open Files

    A code contribution from Stuart Harper now allows for the selection of existing files that may be already opened in editors. This is available when selecting an XSL to launch or pressing CTRL+F11 or F11 for debugging.

    Launch Open Files

    Note: Selection is limited to those files that are stored on a file system and not accessed remotely.

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