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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.1 M5
New and Noteworthy


Java EE Tools

Java EE perspective

    The default layout of the Java EE perspective has been altered:

    • When Mylyn is installed, its Task List view will now be stacked with the Outline view.
    • The Problems and Tasks views have been replaced with the combined Markers view, which gives a common picture of the information provided by the two old views.

    Updated Java EE Perspective

Java EE preferences page

    A new preferences page is introduced - Java EE. This may affect adopters who have already defined a preference page with that name.

No more .JETEmitter project in workspace

    Portions of the Web Tools Platform make use of the EMF Core/JET utility for generating the source code of Java EE artifacts, such as Servlets, EJBs, etc. Until now this has involved the dynamic generation of JET templates with the generated classes being placed in a hidden project under the workspace, .JETEmitter.

    The existence of the .JETEmitter project has caused issues for users, while in the same time providing no tangible benefit. For these reasons, WTP has now switched to using JET templates that are statically compiled within its plug-ins, avoiding the need for a .JETEmitter project.

    Should the project still be needed, the old behavior can be restored from the new Java EE preference page.

    Java EE Preferences Page

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