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Eclipse Web Tools Platform Incubator
New and Noteworthy

The WTP Incubator is a subproject fostering the creation and development of new components for existing WTP subprojects, before they become part of a release. While they don't fall under the same schedule as the WTP release itself, they are encouraged to follow the same processes. As such, a complete list of which Incubator bugs were fixed during this milestone is also available.

XSL 1.0M5

Editor: XML Model Content Assist in XPath Expressions

    The XSLT editor now supports content assistance for XML files with namespaces or an inferred grammar.

    XML Model XPath Assistance

    This currently only works for globally defined elements in the namespace that has been defined in the XML Catalog. It also will work with DTDs as well as grammars loaded using XML Schema Location. It is recommended though that the grammar be setup with in the XML Catalog as a Namespace Key.

Editor: XPath Content Assistance

    XPath content assistance has been reworked to address several bugs when it came to providing proposals. Proposals should now work directly after slashes, commas, parentheses, brackets, and axis statements.

XPath View: No Matches

    The XPath View has been updated so that if there are no results returned for the expression, it will return "No Matches" within the view itself. It also has been updated to clear the display when a non SSE based editor is in focus.

    The view will also dynamically try and update itself as the active XML document is being editted.


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