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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.0 M3 - New and Noteworthy


Web Services

New Service Policies preference and extension point

    The Web Services Profile Compliance and Validation preferences have been replaced with the new Service Policies preference page. This new page allows for additional options controlling quality of service requirements.

    the new Service Policies preference page
    The Profile Compliance and Validation project properties page has also been moved to Service Policies.
    Adopters can contribute more service policies extensions via a new extension point. Please refer to the New Help for Old Friends III wiki for more details.


Zoom In/Zoom Out

    The Graph View of the WSDL Editor can now be zoomed in or zoomed out by changing the zoom factor in the toolbar.

    Regular view
    zoom showing 100%

    Zoom at 150%
    zoom factor at 150%

    Zoom at 75%
    zoom factor at 75%

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