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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.0 M3 - New and Noteworthy


XML Schema

Check Full XML Schema Conformance

    The XML Schema Files preference page can now control whether XSDs are checked for full conformance to the XSD specification. Enabling this option will enforce tighter adherence to the XML Schema specification at the cost of some validation speed.

    Check Full XML Schema Conformance


Welcome JSDT

    The original JavaScript support and multi-page editor have been replaced by the more comprehensive JavaScript Development Tools. It provides powerful object-oriented JavaScript features and a greatly improved editing experience. Although its integration into WTP isn't fully completed in M3, many of its features are already available for use.

    Better Content Assist proposals
    Content Assist proposals are now smarter with the inclusion of objects.

    Formatting with profiles
    A JavaScript formatter is now provided with the ability to configure multiple profiles.

    Numerous formatting settings
    The Javascript formatter has a wide array of options to suit almost any taste.

    More flexible Outline view
    The improved Outline view supports displaying object types, filtering of member variables and functions, and much more.

    Syntax Validation
    Configurable JavaScript Validation is now provided alongside WTP's existing validators.

    Quick Fix
    Many JavaScript validation problems also provide QuickFix opportunities.

    Setting the JavaScript Include Path
    To use the new JavaScript editor for web-page oriented scripts much like the old editor, select Window() in the ECMA 3 Browser Support Library as the project's Global SuperType.

    For more information on these and other features, visit the JSDT wiki page or see it in action on Eclipse Live.

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