Device Abstraction with Vorto

Vorto Newsletter, containing quick steps on how to create and visualize a sensor data in AngularJS web interface using Vorto is available in March’17 edition.

Eclipse Vorto 0.9 is available now

We are happy to announce the release of Eclipse Vorto 0.9. It is available on Github.
Click here for the Release Notes

OMA IoT Developer Seminar and Webinar

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) organised an IoT Seminar & Webinar event on the 26th of October in Singapore, where many guest speakers such as from Bosch, Nokia, Sierra Wireless and Microsoft talked about the importance of Open Standards in IoT. Alexander Edelmann gave an interesting presentation about how open tools and device abstractions can be effectively applied to smartly connect industrial products.

Here are some pictures from this event. Slides and Videos of all presentations will be published soon. So stay tuned.

Vorto Hands-on Workshop

At an IoT meetup event in Singapore, Alexander Edelmann and about 50 IoT developers from various companies met up for a Vorto workshop where participants were guided through to create an IoT application from scratch with the help of Vorto.

Here are some pictures from this great event. To find out more, visit the organizers page on Facebook.

IOTTechspresso - A Hands-on workshop on Vorto

When developing an Internet-of-Things solution, one can draw upon a wide variety of connected devices, interconnection protocols & management systems from a range of vendors. However, there is little interoperability between these components due to the disparate industry and vendor specific implementations of the device abstraction layer or information models.

At this IoT meetup event, Alexander Edelmann will provide an introduction to Vorto and lead a hands-on demonstration of how the tool can help you develop compelling IoT-enabled solutions using a broad range of components.

Click here to register for the event.

Eclipse Vorto 0.4 Milestone 2 is available now

We can proudly announce that Eclipse Vorto 0.4 Milestone 2 is available on Github.

Speaker Pitch @Eclipsecon 2015

Talks on two interesting topics were presented @Eclipsecon Europe held during November 2015.

1. Making IoT a child’s play

2. How to generate code using Eclipse Vorto

PTC and Bosch IoT suite

PTC and Bosch Software Innovations announced a technology alliance to facilitate the integration of the ThingWorx® Platform and the Bosch IoT Suite. The new Bosch IoT Suite M2M Connector for ThingWorx allows for technical interplay between the two platforms and is now available on the ThingWorx Marketplace.

The Device Management component (M2M) from the Bosch IoT Suite provides a reliable connection and control of devices, while operating a secure, flexible and transparent infrastructure for distributed devices. Vorto, an open source tool initiated by Bosch Software Innovations and developed by Eclipse IoT, enables the creation and management of information models for integration into different platforms. The ThingWorx® IoT application development platform enables rapid development of drag-and-drop business applications. A comprehensive security concept is designed to protect applications against unauthorized access.

IoT Show Asia 2015, Singapore

At the IoT Show Asia 2015 ,Vorto showcased a very interesting use case about IoT gaming. There were also several talks and demonstrations about Vorto, addressing the needs of fast growing IoT industries.

Here are few captures from the event.

Eclipse Conference 2015, Europe

An interesting talk around the Vorto project is going to be held at the Eclipse Conference Ludwigsburg, Germany from the 3rd until the 5th of November 2015.
In this talk we are going to take & combine Eclipse Vorto and Eclipse Kura showing how easy it can be to develop and gamify IoT.
For further information about the content of the presentation, check out on Making IoT child’s play.

Eclipse Vorto 0.4 Milestone 1 is available now

We can proudly announce that Eclipse Vorto 0.4 Milestone 1 is available on Github.
It features the following core functionality:

  • A simple Information Model language to define devices with their properties and services
  • Code Generators that create platform - specific representations from information models
  • Information Model Repository that allows you to search and download models from a web-based interface

IoT Asia 2015, Singapore

At the IoT Asia 2015 ,Vorto shared an exhibition booth, inviting various visitors, from around the world, to Vorto tech talks in order to find out more about the concepts and ideas behind it. It was a successful event with many interested attendees at the Vorto booth curious to understand Vorto and IoT.

Here are few captures from the event.

Eclipse Conference 2015, San Francisco

Two interesting talks around the Vorto project are going to be held at the Eclipse Conference North America from the 9th until the 12th of March 2015. The first talk is about the Vorto project itself and the idea behind it. The second talk covers practical insights about the Eclipse Smarthome Platform - among others, how Vorto information models can be used to integrate new devices into the Smart Home platform. For further information about the content of the presentation, check out the link below.

The Vorto Project - Advanced Device Integration

Speaker Pitch Video about Vorto: Watch Video

Mastering the Diversity in Smart Homes - A Practical Approach