REST API allows to communicate with the Vorto Repostiory by means of REST calls.


You have opened the Vorto Repository Web interface (refer to Opening the Vorto Repository Web Interface).

Proceed as follows

  1. In the menu bar, click REST API.
    The REST API page opens.
    Rest API
    The calls are combined in three groups:
    • model-generation-controller: REST API to controll Code Generator
    • model-repository-controller: REST API to manage Models
    • share-model-controller: REST API to upload Models
  2. To expand a group, click the group name or the open/hide link.
    The group expands so all calls combined in it are displayed.
    Rest API Expand Group
  3. To expand a call, click the call name.
    The call expands so all its parameters are displayed.
    Rest API Expand Call
  4. Fill in all necessary parameters and click try it out! button.
    REST API Enter Parameters
    The call is processed and the response is displayed below the try it out! button. REST API Response