Vorto Repository Overview

The Vorto Repository allows users to upload information models, to generate code for the selected information models, to search for models and reuse them based on their requirements. The repository is hosted by the Eclipse Vorto project.

You can do the following:

  • Searching models in the Vorto Repository.
  • Downloading models from the Vorto Repository.
  • Generating code from models in the Vorto Repository.
  • Sharing models from the local workspace to the Vorto Repository.
  • Using a shared model in the Vorto Repository as reference in a local model project.
  • Importing a shared model from the Vorto Repository to the local workspace.

You can access the Vorto Repository by the following ways:

For searching and downloading information Models as well as for information on available code generators you can use the Vorto Repository without an Vorto Repository account.

Sharing (uploading) information models is only possible if you have a Vorto Repository account.