Configuring the Vorto CLI Tool

Before you can use the CLI Tool as a REST Client, you need to initialize basic preferences. By default the preferences are stored in the file .vortocli.yaml.file, which is located in your home directory.

For Windows,


For Mac,


For Linux,


You have to setup the CLI Tool in one of the following ways:

  • Use the vorto config command.
    To initialize vorto with additional values (or change them afterwards) like username, password, proxy or repository, use the command flags -username, -password, -proxy or -repo.
    Example: vorto config -username <username> -password <password> -repo
  • Edit the .vortocli.yaml file with a text editor.
    CLI Yaml file
Enable the proxy in the configuration file .vortocli.yaml (Line 4) if you are accessing internet via proxy server.