Getting Started

This tutorial will show you how to start with Vorto with the least effort required.

In this tutorial, you will create a Web user interface for an information model.


  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. In the main menu, click Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other.
    The Open Perspective dialog opens.
  3. Select Vorto and click OK. The Vorto Perspective opens.
    Vorto Perspective
  4. In the Model Repository view, search for the information model TI_SensorTag (the information model you want to generate the code from) by entering the string TI_SensorTag in the Search entry field and clicking the Search button.
  5. Select the information model TI_SensorTag, right-click and choose Generate code from the context menu.
    Generate Code Eclipse
    The Generator Overview dialog opens.
    Generate Code Eclipse Dialog
  6. Choose the Web UI code generator for generating the souce code for the Web user interface and click the Generate button.
    The code is generated.
  7. Select the Java perspective to check the generated code.
    The following Java projects have been generated:
    • java.example.model (Java beans for the selected information model)
    • webdevice.example (Web UI for the selected information model)

    Generated Projects

  8. Select both projects, right-click and choose Maven > Update Project… from the context menu. Update Maven Projects Dialog
  9. Click OK.
    Maven updates the projects.
  10. Select the project webdevice.example, right-click and choose Run As > Java Application from the context menu.
  11. In the Select type entry field, enter Application to filter for applications.
    Select Java Application Dialog
  12. Select the Application - webdevice.example line and click OK.
    The Web application starts.
  13. In the address bar of your browser, enter localhost:8080/webdevice.
    The Web UI opens. Web UI

Congratulations! You have just created a Web application with the least effort with the magic of Vorto.

Next: Why not try defining your own information models? :D