Upgrading the Vorto Toolset

This section lists the steps required to upgrade the Vorto Toolset.


  • You have a working installation of the previous version of the Vorto Toolset.
  • This assumes that your Eclipse version is in the Vorto supported versions, and stable releases of Xtext has been installed (for more information refer to System Requirements).

Proceed as follows

  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. Switch to the Vorto perspective and close it by doing one of the following:
    • In the main menu, click Window > Perspective > Close Perspective.
    • Right-click on the Vorto perspective icon and choose Close from the context menu.
  3. In the main menu, click Help > Install new Software….
    The Install dialog opens displaying the Available Software.
  4. In the Work with selection list, select the entry with the Vorto Toolset update site URL.
    The Available Software list is updated.
  5. In the Available Software list, select Vorto.
    All containing software parts are checked.
  6. Click Next to verify the installation of Vorto Toolset and its dependencies.
    The Install dialog now displays the Install Details.
  7. If the toolset are up-to date the Finish button remains inactive. End here by clicking Cancel.
  8. Otherwise, click Next.
    The Install dialog now displays the Review Licenses.
  9. Select I accept the terms of the license agreements and click Finish.
    The software is being installed.
  10. If the Security Warning dialog opens click OK.
    After the installation is complete the Software Updates dialog opens.
  11. Click Yes to restart Eclipse.