Defining a Data Type Mapping

With a data type mapping you can define mapping rules for data types.


  • You have crated a data type (refer to Defining Data Types).
  • You have selected the Vorto perspective.

Proceed as follows

  1. In the Vorto Model Project Browser, select the project in the Select Vorto Project drop-down list.
    Select a Project
  2. Right click on the data type you want to create a mapping for and choose New Mapping Model
    The Create Mapping Model dialog opens.
    Create Mapping Model Dialog
  3. Enter a name as Mapping Model Name, for example, MyIOTPlatform.
  4. Adjust the entries for the input fields Namespace, Platform and Version, if necessary.
  5. Optionally, enter a description in the Description entry field.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Switch to the Java perspective. The new mapping file has been created (with suffix .mapping). It is located in the folder <project>/mappings.
    Generated source
  8. Edit the mapping file according to your needs.

Example of a data type mapping file

namespace com.mycompany
version 1.0.0
displayname "Color_MyIOTPlatform"
description "Color to MyIOTPlatform mapping"
using com.mycompany.type.Color ; 1.0.0

entitymapping Color_MyIOTPlatform {
	targetplatform MyIOTPlatform

	from Color.version
	to MyColor with { Revision : "Rev-" }

	from Color.r, Color.g, Color.b
	to MyColor with { r : "Red", g : "Green", b : "Blue" }