Uninstalling the Vorto Toolset


You have started your IDE.

Proceed as follows

  1. In the main menu click Help > Install new Software….
    The Install dialog opens displaying the Available Software.
  2. Click the What is already installed? link.
    The Installation Details dialog opens.

    Installed software

  3. If necessary, click the Installed Software tab.
  4. Select the Software belonging to the Vorto Toolset (refer to Installing the Vorto Toolset) and click the Uninstall… button.
    The Uninstall dialog opens.
  5. Click Finish to uninstall the Vorto Toolset.
    After the uninstallation is complete, the Software Updates dialog opens.
    Restart VR Modeler after software update
  6. Click Yes to restart your IDE.
    After the restart, the IDE contains no Vorto group anymore (File > New > Project…).