Release Notes - 0.10.0 milestone 1

We are proud to announce Eclipse Vorto 0.10.0 milestone 1.

Here are a few major highlights:

  • Web Editor that allows to create information-, function block- and datatype models via a web-based editor.
  • More Code Generators have been added to the list of existing generators.
  • Repository Java client API
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

Web Editor

With the Web Editor, users can describe devices online and publish these as information models to the Vorto Repository.


Code Generators

We have a few new Code Generators for easier device integration. Those are

  • Alexa Skill-set Generator for Bosch IoT Suite
  • Device Simulator Generator for Bosch IoT Suite
  • Eclipse Kura Generator
  • Web-based UI Dashboard Generator

Alexa Skill-set & Device Simulator for Bosch IoT Suite Generators

The Alexa Skill set Generator for Bosch IoT Suite generates an Alexa Skill Interaction model and Lambda function that fetches the device data from Bosch IoT Suite.

The Device Simulator Generator for Bosch IoT Suite generates a simulator that creates test data for a given information model and publishes the data to the Bosch IoT Suite.


Eclipse Kura Generator

Eclipse Kura generator supports the generation of a Kura gateway OSGI bundle that reads device data via bluetooth LE technology and sends the data to either Kura built-in Cloud Services or the Bosch IoT Suite.


Web-based Device Dashboard Generator

The Web - based Device Dashboard generator creates a Spring Boot Web application that is able to visualise the device data with various UI components as well as consume the data from a IoT Cloud backend, e.g. Bosch IoT Suite.


Repository Java Client

With the Repository Java Client you can find information models and process its content as well as generate code for various IoT platforms. Click here for more info.