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Eclipse Vorto 0.10 Milestone 2

We are happy to announce the availability of Eclipse Vorto 0.10 Milestone 2. It is available on Github.

Vorto Toolset

Vorto Repository

Code Generators

Parser Libraries

What is Vorto

Vorto is an open source tool that allows to create and manage technology agnostic, abstract device descriptions, so called information models. Information models describe the attributes and the capabilities of real world devices. These information models can be managed and shared within the Vorto Information Model Repository. Code Generators for Information Models let you integrate devices into different platforms.


The IoT Tool Set lets Device Manufacturers describe devices using Information Models in a textual DSL editor. The editor provides several features e.g. auto completion, syntax highlighting, and content assistance.


With the Information Model Repository, Platform vendors are able to manage, share and reuse existing Information Models directly from the Tool set or via the Web.

Information Model Repository

Find out more on how to Share Information Models


Code generators allow Solution developers to create information model based code artifacts that can be employed in specific solutions. Vorto provides wizards supporting the creation of new code generators.

Device Manufacturers

The Vorto IoT toolset allows to comfortably create abstract, technology agnostic descriptions of devices. These descriptions are machine readable and thus can be transformed into formats that are required for an integration into a specific platform. By providing such device descriptions a device vendor allows an easy integration of devices into platforms for which Vorto code generators exist.

Platform Vendors

Vorto code generator which allows to transform Vorto device descriptions (so called information models) into formats that are required for an integration into a specific platform. After such a code generator is implemented it is very easy to integrate devices using Information Models that are available within the Vorto repository.

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Solution Developers

Solution developers that integrate devices into specific platforms often have to write a lot of code that could be generated using information about the corresponding device. The Vorto code generator infrastructure allows to do that which results in a significant reduction of development efforts.


A great way to stay up to date with Vorto activity is to subscribe to the Mailing list provided by Eclipse. Sign up for the mailing list here.

A general discussion forum can be found here.

Issues and bugs related to Vorto are tracked with the Github Issue tracking system. If you find any issues, please report them here.

Access Vorto wiki here.

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An overview of the contribution process is here. The key points are:

  1. Ensure you have signed the Eclipse Foundation Contributor License Agreement (CLA)
  2. Fork the Vorto Repository on Github
  3. Fix the issue and add suitable tests
  4. Ensure your contribution is collapsed into a single commit
  5. Create a pull request for your contribution

The Vorto project considers the following contributions as significant contribution:

  1. Giving technical input to the Vorto Meta Information Model that leads to an update of the current ecore model.
  2. Giving input to the project that leads to a high prioritized bug in Bugzilla.
  3. Implementing and contributing a new Vorto code generator to the project.
  4. Fixing a bug that is considered as critical.
  5. Implementing a complex feature.

If you satisfy our requirements for significant contribution, email your logo to Send Mail to get added to our homepage.