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3.5.0.M01 - Release Notes

The Bondi (3.5.0) release of Virgo

This is the first milestone for the Virgo Bondi (3.5.0) release. Due to technical reason the binaries carry the 3.1.0 versioning. The next milestone will carry the correct 3.5.0 versioning.

A full list of bugs included in this release is available here.


From this release onward Virgo can be initial provisioned via p2. Bug 343543 and it's dependencies track the work done on this topic. Now it's possible, using standard p2 director to provision every Virgo distribution.

A new Virgo distribution, called Virgo Nano is now available. It is Virgo's smallest offering with much improved startup time and runtime footprint. It runs p2 inside as its only means of provisioning and does not support the Virgo Provisioning Repository Concept. The Nano distribution runs in a single region. It comes with bundles Gemini Web inside therefore is capable of handling web applications.

All Virgo distributions are now organised in an Eclipse-like directory layout.

Equinox launcher is now the default Virgo launcher.

There are a lot of changes in the User Guide to cover the new launcher, directory layout and the p2 tools available out of the box.

This milestone also includes many bugfixes and other enhancements.

Notable leftovers for the next milestones (3.5.0.M02+)

Tooling support for the new directory layout.

Tooling support for the Nano distribution.

Improved Virgo Web Console.

Various Virgo Nano enhancements covered with this bug, such as hot-deployment and serviceability features refactoring.

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