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3.0.0.M05 - Release Notes

The 3.0.0.M05 milestone of Virgo upgrades several dependencies to their latest levels, adds significant functional enhancements, and fixes a number of bugs.


  • Bug 342716: Support the OSGi Log Service and plumb it in to Virgo's logging infrastructure.
  • Bug 332911: Expose Virgo's class loading diagnostic commands to JMX.
  • Bug 314282: Upgrade the Spring framework embedded in Virgo to version 3.0.5.
  • Bug 332045: Upgrade Virgo Tomcat Server to use Gemini Web 2.0.0.M01 which embeds the stable release Tomcat 7.0.12 and supports the latest Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, and Expression Language specifications.
  • Bug 337822: Add the -noStart option to See the User Guide section entitled "Cleaning Virgo Web Server without Starting it" and known issue entitled "Problem Deleting Installation Directory under Windows".
  • Bug 343364: Use the Equinox implementation of the region digraph (based on the Virgo implementation).
  • Bug 347120: Include the logging level in (trace) log entries.

A full list of bug fixes included in this milestone is available here.

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