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3.0.0.M02 - Release Notes

The M02 milestone of Virgo contains bug fixes on top of the substantial collection of changes in M01. Equinox has been upgraded to pick up some fixes. The Admin console and shell have been improved to handle the new Region implementation. There have also been improvements in serviceability and documentation.


  • Bug 337538: a thread safety bug in Equinox, Fixed.
  • Bug 337543: RuntimeArtifactModel produces and swallows an NPE, Fixed.

A full list of bugs included in this milestone is available here.

Known Issues

  • Bug 337233 and Bug 337211: browsing the OSGi state in the Admin Console will not show services for Kernel Region bundles.
  • Bug 336941: Change state dumping and analysis to work with framework hooks (the new Region implementation).

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