13.5 Configuring a Hosted Repository

You configure a VTS instance to host a repository by editing the $SERVER_HOME/configuration/org.eclipse.virgo.apps.repository.properties file; remote clients can then access the artifacts in this hosted repository and use them locally.

When you specify a property in the file, use the format repository-name.property=value, where:

For example, my-hosted-repo.type=external specifies that the type property of the my-hosted-repo repository is external.

The following table lists the properties that you can include in the org.eclipse.virgo.apps.repository.properties file.

Table 13.6. Hosted Repository Properties

repository-name.typeSpecifies the type of path of the hosted repository. All paths are local to the current VTS instance. You can set this property to one of the following valid values:
  • external: Specifies that this path points to a number of directories that satisfy a given search pattern. Use the searchPattern property to specify the directory search pattern.

  • watched: Specifies that this path points to a single directory. Virgo regularly scans watched repositories so it automatically picks up any changes to the artifacts in the directory at runtime. Use the watchDirectory property to specify the actual watched directory and the watchInterval property to specify how often VTS checks the directory.

See Watched or External Repository? for additional information about when to configure watched or external repositories for your particular environment.


Specifies the pattern that an external hosted repository uses when deciding which local directories it should search when identifying artifacts. Use this property when repository-name.type=external. See Search Paths: Additional Information for detailed information about specifying a search pattern.


Specifies the single directory of a watched hosted repository. You can specify either an absolute or relative pathname for the directory. If you specify a relative pathname, it is relative to the root of the VTS installation ($SERVER_HOME). Use this property when repository-name.type=watched.


Specifies the interval in seconds between checks of a watched directory by a watched hosted repository. This property is optional. Use this property when repository-name.type=watched.

The following sample shows a org.eclipse.virgo.apps.repository.properties file with a single external repository called my-hosted-repo with search pattern $SERVER_HOME/repository/hosted/*.


See Example of watched and remote repositories for details on how a local repository can remotely access the artifacts in this hosted repository.