4.2 The Host bundle

This bundle is very simple with no Java code. It defines the Snaps filter in its web.xml just as you have seen in the Using Snaps section. The menu bar uses the taglibs support to render links for each registered Snap.

    <li><a href="<c:url value="/"/>">Home</a></li>
    <snaps:snaps var="snaps">
        <c:forEach var="snap" items="${snaps}">
            <c:if test="${snap.contextPath ne '/styles'}">
                <li><a href="<c:url value="${snap.contextPath}${snap.properties['link.path']}"/>">

This is very similar to an example you have already seen. It puts the links in a list and adds a link at the beginning to return to the host. The properties it is referencing are located in the snaps themselves at /META-INF/snap.properties.