A Guide to the GreenPages Sample


Spring application programmers are introduced to Virgo by installing the Virgo Tomcat Server and building and running a small application called GreenPages.

Despite its simplicity, GreenPages is designed to demonstrate many different Virgo features and to act as a template from which other modular applications can be built. This guide highlights areas of interest in the sample code.

This version of the guide is based on the following software versions:

GreenPages Sample3.0.0.RELEASE
Virgo Tomcat Server3.6.0.RELEASE
Apache Maven3.0.3

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Table of Contents

1. Installing Pre-requisites
1.1. Installing a JDK
1.2. Installing Virgo Tomcat Server
1.3. Installing the Eclipse Tooling
1.4. Installing Apache Maven
2. Installing and Running GreenPages
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Obtaining GreenPages
2.3. Building and Installing GreenPages
2.4. Browsing the GreenPages Application
2.5. Running GreenPages from Eclipse
3. GreenPages Highlights
3.1. Web Application Bundle Highlights
3.2. Middle Tier Highlights
3.3. Testing Highlights
3.4. Automated Build Highlights
A. Further Resources
A.1. Projects
A.2. Documentation