1. Introduction to Bundlor

1.1 About Bundlor

With the increasing focus on OSGi in Enterprise Java, there has been increasing focus on creating OSGi bundles for deployment. When a development team is creating their own bundles, bundlor simplifies the creation and maintenance of the OSGi metadata of each bundle.

Bundlor also helps in the use of third-party enterprise libraries, many of which are not packaged as OSGi bundles. In this case, developers must add OSGi metadata to the library before use.

Bundlor helps in both these scenarios. It can be very hard for developers to keep track of the dependencies needed by a JAR file. Bundlor is a tool that automates the detection of dependencies and the creation of OSGi manifest directives for JARs after their creation. Bundlor takes as input a JAR and a template consisting of a superset of the standard OSGi manifest headers. Bundlor analyses the source code and support files contained in the JAR, applies the template to the results, and generates a manifest.

The use of Bundlor can take different forms, from an Apache ANT task and an Apache Maven plugin, to simple command line execution.