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  • Aug 16th 2013
    VIATRA2 version 3.3 is released on Downloads available from this web site.
  • May 28th 2012
    EMF-IncQuery has been officially proposed as a new subproject.
  • April 11th 2011
    VIATRA2 Milestone 3.2 has been uploaded to our secondary update site. The milestone notes can be found on the Eclipse Wiki, as always.
  • April 4th 2011
    We are proud to announce the EMF-IncQuery project, a spin-off of VIATRA2 to bring the incremental pattern matching technology to EMF models. With EMF-IncQuery, you can re-use your VIATRA2 pattern definitions in a pure EMF technology environment, will all the advanced features of the VIATRA2 pattern matching engine (i.e. automatic update propagation through ResourceSets, and delta monitors for high level change detection). EMF-IncQuery is available as open source software under the EPL v1.0 from
    EMF-IncQuery also features a generic EMF importer for VIATRA2, which can be used to import EMF meta- and instance models into VIATRA2 model spaces.
  • July 2th 2010
    We have submitted a solution to this year's Transformation Tool Contest (TTC2010), to the "Ecore to GenModel" case. You can also check the YouTube screencast which describes the solution in detail.
  • April 29th 2010
    The IP contribution for the VIATRA2 Milestone 3.1 has been approved. Both the source and the update site archive is available from servers now, check out the downloads section.
  • April 12th 2010
    Check out the VIATRA2 milestone 3.1 video on! The text is in Hungarian, but the screen captures towards the end highlight the most important features.
  • March 23th 2010
    VIATRA2 milestone 3.1 is finally complete. More information available at the milestone notes wiki page.
    For this milestone, we completely redesigned the VIATRA2 wiki and added lots of new content. This content is also included in the VIATRA2 online help. The Rilestone3.1 source tree will be available from SVN as well as the update site as soon as the IP check process is completed.
  • October 15th 2008
    VIATRA2 project migration complete, we are now official part of the Modeling project (as the rest of GMT).
    The homepage was updated with new sections, further additions to the wiki. The official milestone3 source tree is available from SVN as well as our new update site (check the downloads section).
  • June 2th 2008
    New VIATRA2 milestone available: VIATRA2 milestone3 (update site:
    New homepage, wiki content under extension.
  • October 17th 2007
    New VIATRA2 milestone 2 update site available: here
    Expect a new homepage, new source archive and news soon.
  • April 3th 2007
    New VIATRA2 milestone 2 CVS Snapshot available: Download
  • October 10th 2006
    VIATRA2 milestone 2 docs updated: PDF
    VIATRA2 milestone 2 CVS Snapshot available: Download
  • July 28th 2006
    VIATRA2 milestone 2 docs updated and are available for download from here
  • July 25th 2006
    VIATRA2 milestone 2 is now available Through the official update site. (recommended version for the current milestone: Eclipse 3.1) The new (milestone 2) sources are available under CVS.
  • Oct 21th 2005
    VIATRA2 is now available in the download section. The sources are available under CVS.
  • Sep 01th 2005
    Start of a new GMT component: VIATRA2. It will be available for download soon.

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