VIATRA: An Event-driven and Reactive Model Transformation Platform

About This Project


This project is in the Incubation Phase

The VIATRA framework supports the development of model transformations with specific focus on event-driven, reactive transformations. Building upon the incremental query support of the EMF-IncQuery project, VIATRA offers a language to define transformations and a reactive transformation engine to execute certain transformations upon changes in the underlying model.

The VIATRA project provides:

The current VIATRA project is a full rewrite of the previous VIATRA2 framework, now with full compatibility and support for EMF models. The project features a History wiki page that describes the main differences between the different versions.



Getting Started

Important! Installing VIATRA requires EMF-IncQuery installed. Furthermore, some components also require a current version of Xtext available as well.



  • Our Documentation page contains information about the use of the VIATRA project.
  • If you are interested in performance benchmarking, be sure to check our recommendations.

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Research Papers

Research papers related to VIATRA are collected on the publications page and papers with online material are listed here

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