Official launch

  09/21/16, 11:47

Today, we officially launch Unide. In the last days, we have redesigned the logo, published Blog posts and started work on the initial (code) contributions.
It even seems like good timing, since there was a survey in Germany about open platforms & standards in industry 4.0, basically asking for something like Unide/the Production Performance Management Protocol.

the logo

Unide and the Production Performance Management Protocol's goal is to enable you to connect machines and receive their measurements / alerts. The logo represents that. It has you ("U") highlighted and connects to rings. As a side note, we found that the words almost look like you-nice.

blog entries

If you are interested in further readings, check out the post at

initial contributions

We are working on creating the initial contributions for Unide. Since there are a few legal aspects we have to consider, stay tuned. The code will be published to our github repository.