Feature and Plugin Versioning

Developers are responsible for setting the plugin numbers to the right values. Please refer to the section "Guidelines on versioning plug-ins" of the eclipse versioning guideline to decide what version numbers to assign to plugins. Note that the version numbers don't have to match the marketing version of the project. It should reflect the nature of the changes of the plugin since the last release. Setting version numbers correctly is important for updater and the requirement specification of consuming products to work properly.

To change version numbers, edit the MANIFEST.MF file and change the value of the Bundle-Version entry. For example, to change a plugin version to 4.2.1, the MANIFEST.MF file of the plugin should have the following line:
Bundle-Version: 4.2.1.qualifier

Note that the version number should have the ".qualifier" suffix, which is replaced by the build ID by the build.

The tables below lets you compare the feature and plugin version numbers between TPTP 4.2.x and 4.3.0.

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