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Recommended Compiler Warnings

For the Target Management Project, we recommend enabling the following compiler warnings in JDT (Window > Preferences > Java > Compiler > Errors/Warnings and Javadoc). Settings that differ from the JDT default are marked in bold.

In most cases, we use stricter warnings in the TM project than the JDT default suggests - with one notable exception: Because parts of RSE require access to Platform "internal" packages, and this requirement cannot be fixed currently, we disable the "discouraged access" warning for now.

Code Style
Non-static access to static member:Warning 
Indirect access to static member:Warning 
Unqualified access to instance field:Ignore 
Undocumented empty block:Ignore 
Access to a non-accessible member of an enclosing type:Ignore 
Method with a constructor name:Error 
Parameter assignment:Ignore 
Non-externalized strings (missing/unused -NLS$ tag):Warning 
Potential programming problems
Serializable class without serialVersionUID:Warning 
Assignment has no effect (e.g. 'x = x'):Warning 
Possible accidental boolean assignment (e.g. if (a=b)):Warning 
'finally' does not complete normally:Warning 
Empty statement:Warning 
Using a char array in string concatenation:Warning 
Hidden catch block:Warning 
Inexact type match for vararg arguments:Warning 
Boxing and unboxing conversions:Warning 
Enum type constant not covered on 'switch':Warning 
'switch' case fall-through:Warning 
Null reference:Warning 
Name shadowing and conflicts
Field declaration hides another field or variable:Warning 
Local variable declaration hides another field or variable:Ignore 
   Include constructor or setter method parameters  
Type parameter hides another type:Warning 
Method overridden but not package visible:Error 
Interface method conflicts with protected 'Object' method:Warning 
Deprecated and restricted API
Deprecated API:Warning 
   Signal use of deprecated API inside deprecated codeOn 
   Signal overriding or implementing deprecated methodOn 
Forbidden reference (access rules):Error 
Discouraged reference (access rules):Warning 
Unnecessary code
Local variable is never read:Warning 
Parameter is never read:Ignore 
   Check overriding and implementing methods  
Unused import:Warning 
Unused local or private member:Warning 
Unnecessary else statement:Ignore 
Unnecessary cast or 'instanceof' operation:Warning 
Unnecessary declaration of thrown checked exception:Ignore 
   Check overriding and implementing methods  
Unused break/continue label:Warning 
Generic types
(Not applicable since TM does not use Java 5)
(Not applicable since TM does not use Java 5)

Process Javadoc comments (includes search and refactoring)On 
Malformed Javadoc comments:Warning 
   Only consider members visible as:Protected 
   Report errors in tagsOn 
   Report non visible referencesOn 
   Report deprecated referencesOn 
Missing Javadoc tags:Ignore 
Missing Javadoc comments:Ignore 

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