Technology Project Leaders

The Eclipse Technology Project is managed by a small group known as the Eclipse Technology Project Management Committee (PMC). The PMC holds weekly conference calls (see the minutes) and holds (some) discussions on mailing list. The work of the Project is organized into subprojects. Each subproject has a leader who has overall responsibility for its success. Large subprojects are further divided into component teams, each of who has a leader that is responsible for its overall success. We have listed just the PMC here but you will encounter many dedicated eclipse project committers and developers in the newsgroups and mailing lists.

Project Management Committee

Wayne "Mad Dog" Beaton, Eclipse Foundation (PMC lead)

Wayne is the Evangelist for the Eclipse Foundation. His primary role is that of informing people of all the exciting things that are happening in the many Eclipse Projects. He is particularly fond of test-first development and Extreme Programming, but is quite happy with many lightweight development methodologies. In past lives, he has worked for The Object People, BEA, and IBM. In his <sarcasm>copious</sarcasm> spare time Wayne spends time driving his kids to hockey practice and studying martial arts.

John Duimovich, IBM

John Duimovich, IBM distinguished engineer, has been the lead designer and implementor for OTI/IBM’s virtual machine technology for the past ten years. He has designed virtual machines for a wide range of platforms, from the implementations for embedded and real time systems to those for IBM mainframe systems. John has played a key role in the development of ENVY/Smalltalk, VA/Micro Edition, and VA/Java Java IDEs. In addition to serving on the Eclipse Technology PMC, John serves as the lead of the Eclipse Tools PMC.

Gunnar Wagenknecht, AGETO

Gunnar is a software engineer who loves server and application architectures especially those involving Equinox. In his primary role at AGETO he is thrilled to work on open source software, emerging platforms and technologies, and to help software companies understand Eclipse and Equinox and execute on their business objectives in an open source context. He has been a member of the Eclipse Community since its beginning. He loves chatting about Eclipse, fishing, diving and his family and other things that matters over a good beer or a glass of dry, barrel aged red wine. Gunnar represents the Technology PMC on the Eclipse Architecture Council.

Chris "Iron Fist" Aniszczyk, Code 9

Chris is Principal Consultant at Code 9 and the fearless technical lead for the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) project. Chris tends to be all over the place inside the Eclipse community by committing on various Eclipse projects. He sits on the Eclipse Architecture Council and the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors. Chris' passions are blogging,, software advocacy, tooling and anything Eclipse. He's always available to discuss open-source or Eclipse over a frosty beverage.

Konstantin Komissarchik

Konstantin is a Consulting Member of the Technical Staff at Oracle. He has been a committer on the Web Tools Platform since before its first release. He has designed and implemented the Faceted Project Framework which made it possible for people to easily extend capabilities of WTP projects. In his prior life, he has worked on compilers, custom servers and network protocol design. He graduated from the University of Washington with BS in Computer Science.