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Google Summer of Code, Carleton Students

PMC Minutes March 27, 2007

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Ward Cunningham Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Wayne Beaton

Ward and I (Wayne) figured out that our calendars are totally screwed up. Mine's telling me that the meeting is at 2pm EDT. As I project out into the future, I see that my calendar thinks the meeting is at 1pm after April 1. So that DST change screwed up our meetings. At least I assume that most folks tried to dial in at 1pm EDT. You did try to dial in, didn't you? (Note: because of the possible confusion in times, Cliff and John were not counted as Missing.)

Ward and I discussed a few things:

Google Summer of Code

The Summer of Code is on again this year. I've already taken the first steps to get the project reprovisioned (I asked Denis what I need to do); I'd like to be ready to start as close to the beginning of May as possible.

More Students

Carleton University is funding students' participation in open source projects this year. At least that's the plan; I haven't seen the finalized version yet. The university has received funding for more than 100 students. The plan is that each student will spend 6 weeks this year (and get $3000 for their efforts) and 12 weeks next year working on an open source project. The wrinkle is that this is for students who are entering first year.

To get a student, you need to be able to provide them with at least 2 hours per week of mentoring. They are required to provide their own computers and their own work location. If it makes sense, they can come on location.

I'm planning to try and pick up a couple of them to help me do some screencams for Europa. I'll try to teach them a thing or two as well to get them excited about Eclipse. At very least, this is a good opportunity for us to raise awareness of Eclipse inside the university.

We discussed some other things that have even less to do with the Technology PMC than everything else listed above.

Minutes taken by Wayne Beaton

Current project mentors:

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