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BPEL, AspectJ, Orbit, ECESIS, Buckminster, Higgins, Project Reviews, ECF

PMC Minutes September 11, 2006

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Wayne Beaton Cliff Schmidt
Ward Cunningham
John Duimovich
Bjorn Freeman-Benson

John reports that the BPEL project has changed its Project Lead and was a bit disorganized for a while. John will talk to the new lead and see what's going to happen. The AspectJ and AJDT projects will move over to Tools. Photran and Nebula are TBD.

We talked about Orbit for a while - we all like the idea. It will be a Tools project.

Wayne reviewed Phoenix (no issues) and ECESIS (no progress on this). Bjorn suggested that perhaps ECESIS is really just a repository of articles and slideware and perhaps should be part of the Resources page instead of a separate project, especially as the project seems moribund.

Ward had not report.

Bjorn reported on a number of projects: Mylar, Buckminster, Corona, eRCP, EPF, Higgins. Buckminster and Higgins are in the process of moving their wikis to the We have to be careful with the IP content of those pages, but other than that this is a good idea.

Things we should look for in a project being a good Eclipse citizen:

  • Is their project home landing page up-to-date? Does it have Phoenix style? Is the content current or obsolete?
    The correct answers are "Phoenix" and "current".
  • Does the project do its work on servers versus some offsite servers? Specifically, does it use mailing lists? newsgroups? wiki? downloads?
    The correct answers are "on the servers".
  • Does the project use the project-info.xml files as described in the documentation? Does the project use the standard left menu as described in the documentation?
    The correct answers are "yes" and "yes".

We discussed ECF for a while - how much is it in use? What can we do to help small projects like this?

Current project mentors:

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