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IDE for Laszlo, PTP, Higgins, Lepido, Photran

PMC Minutes March 13, 2006

Attending   Late   Regrets Missing
Bjorn Freeman-Benson John Duimovich
Cliff Schmidt Wayne Beaton
Ward Cunningham

Ward reported on his conversation with Amy Muntz of the IDE for Laszlo project. She said that the team responsible for the open source projects in the company had been sucked back into the commercial products for a while. They hope to make a bigger announcement at EclipseCon. They are staffing up by two FTEs for the project; Ward will remind them that they should be recruiting other people rather than/in addition to staffing up.

Cliff reported on his email exchange with the Parallel Tools Project. He sent an email, got a reply. The reply was along the lines of "PTP is sufficiently different that the normal community growing techniques don't apply". The PMC either doesn't understand or doesn't agree, so Cliff will follow up with a phone call.

Bjorn reported on his conversation with Paul Trevithick and Mary Ruddy of the Higgins project. They agreed that they appear to be "not very Eclipse" and they will work on being more a part of the community. They will start with having an Eclipse website and (at least Eclipse logos on) the wiki and the infrastructure. They will move their requirements gathering to bugzilla, etc. They also asked for help dealing with their "overnight" success; we agreed to do so.

Wayne reported on the effect of his email to the Lepido, Tools for Apache Cocoon project. He provoked this response on the mail list, "We had planned to take a decision on the future of Lepido, ... I'll report the outcome of our internal discussions
in the coming days." and this on the newsgroup (we appreciate the sentiment, thought, and candor in that post).

John reported on his examination of the public face of the Photran project. We know that they have code, but their Eclipse-public face is non-existent. The mailing list, for example, has one message: the welcome-to-the-list message. The bug system is similarly almost empty. We know that work is going on (e.g., an EclipseCon tutorial), but it's just not going on in a way that is linked from John will talk to them and find out what's going on.

The PMC will attempt to meet with all the members of all the Technology projects while we are at EclipseCon next week.

No PMC meetings on the 20th (EclipseCon) or 27th (recovering from EclipseCon). We will meet again on April 3rd and we will be reviewing the ECESIS project.

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