Fixing a bug in SWT

Set up your Java environment:

  1. Download and install a Java JRE (SWT only requires a 1.5.x JRE to run but we suggest using Java 7 to run eclipse).
  2. Download and install the current Eclipse build. (Select the "Eclipse Classic" download.)
  3. Setup SWT from GIT. Make sure to load org.eclipse.swt plus any swt fragment you need (for example, org.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.x86), org.eclipse.swt.snippets, and org.eclipse.swt.examples.
  4. Click on any Snippet or example, and select Run As>Java Application.

Understand SWT:

The page contains many links and resources that are useful for understanding SWT. Some of these are:

Understand open source:


Find the Operating System doc: