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New Features

The Stardust Team has almost finished the work on Infinity Process Platform 6.0 and has already started working on Infinity Process Platform 7.0 (see History for more details). Infinity Process Platform 7.0 will be the Release for submission into the Stardust project in the Eclipse repository and will contain corresponding enhancements like

  • package renaming to org.eclipse.epm.* and
  • cleanup of libraries under licenses not supported by Eclipse (e.g. LGPL).
The features listed below will all be developed with Infinity Process Platform 6.0 and 7.0 and hence all be available in Stardust.


Sometimes, work on behalf of a structured process according to a BPMN Process Model is not the appropriate approach to orchestrate work on a business case. It may be required to decide ad hoc to decide what needs to be done and who needs to be involved to handle a business case. Stardust will be providing means to define collaborative work ad hoc, but keeping the benefits of process management (auditability, resource management, cost reporting).

Apache Camel Integration

Stardust will contain functionality to expose Stardust as an endpoint on Apache Camel to start Processes based on Camel Routes. Additionally, Stardust can be combined with Apache Camel to combine Camel Routes and execution of Process Definitions for a combined transient and persistent state routing for scenarios like

Browser-based Modeler

As an alternative to the Process Modeling in Eclipse, Stardust will allow to model Processes directly in the browser portal

We intend to integrate this functionality with the Orion project.

Multi-Model Deployment

Stardust will support independent deployment of disjoint process models. The models can be versioned independently. Additionally, refernces between these models can be established, e.g. to provide libraries of Processes, Applications and Data Structures to be reused by other Models

whereby invocation of subprocesses can be dynamically dispatched to Process Definitions in different deployed Models

Runtime Configuration

Process models may contain environment specific information like connectivity to Web Service endpoints, mail servers etc. This information may need tobe changed between e.g. a test, a User Acceptance Test and a production environment. Stardust allows you to define variables for such configuration information and chance the value of these variables per environment. It also allows you to dump value sets into a files and restore to properly configure an environment.

TIFF Viewer

Stardust provides an embedded TIFF Viewer which can be used to view and modify TIFF documents via your Web Browser. Possible modification are

  • low-level graphics operations like rotation, greyscale conversion, color invasion etc.,
  • adding of annotations, markers and stamps,

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