Stardust provides the Process Workbench an integrated process modeling and development environment for

  • modeling of processes in the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN),
  • perspectives for process modeling including an Analyst and a Development Perspective,
  • importing and exporting functionality of process models into the XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) and
  • a Rapid Application Development Environment within the Eclipse Workbench, which allows to execute process models on an embedded Application Server (Tomcat) using an embedded DBMS (Cloudscape Derby).

Process Model Elements

Process modeling supports the creation of

  • Process Definitions,
  • Activities (Manual, Application, Subprocess, Route) to model the execution steps in a process flow,
  • Transitions to model the control flow,
  • interactive and non-interactive Applications to be involked in Activities,
  • Data Structures and corresponding Data to model the information accessed in a process flow,
  • Data Mappings to model the data flow to Applications,

All Model Elements have their specific Property Pages to enter specific information about these.

You can extend thiese property pages to integrate your own information and store it with the Process Model.

Data Structures

You can model complex Data Structures to be used as types for Data

Data and Data Mappings