Install It

Installing Eclipse Code Recommenders is extremely easy. You can get it straight from the Eclipse Marketplace.

Access the marketplace via Help > Eclipse Marketplace … and search for “Code Recommenders”. From the search results, select “Eclipse Code Recommenders” and click Install. Next, just confirm this selection and accept the license agreement. Finally, click Finish and restart your Eclipse IDE when prompted. That’s it. The installation is now complete.

The Eclipse Marketplace Client offering to install Eclipse Code Recommenders

The Java > Editor > Content Assist > Advanced preference page

Activate It

Enable Code Recommenders with a single key press.

After triggering code completion for the first time, Eclipse will ask you whether you want to enable Code Recommenders’ Intelligent Code Completion. Simply press Enter to confirm.

Mylyn users take note: Intelligent Java Proposals and Mylyn’s Java Proposals (Task-Focused) cannot both be the default Content Assist engine; when activated, Eclipse Code Recommenders automatically removes Mylyn’s task-focused proposals from the default content assist popup. You can still cycle through to a later page with Mylyn proposals by repeatedly pressing Ctrl + Space, though.

Try It

Just hit Ctrl + Space. It’s that easy.

To make sure everthing is set up correctly, trigger Content Assist on an instance of a well-known type like java.lang.String or java.util.List. Eclipse Code Recommenders will then automatically download a so-called model that tells it how other developers have used the type in question. Depending on your Internet connectivity, this background task may take a couple of seconds to complete. Once the model is downloaded, just hit Ctrl+Space again and you should see you first intelligent proposals highlighted at the top of the list.

Triggering Content Assist on a String

The Code Recommenders > Completions preference page

Customize It

Intelligent Code Completion makes it easy to customize your code-completion experience.

On the Completions preference page, you can choose exactly which completion processors (call completion, override completion, etc.) you want to use. Moreover, a simple click on Configure takes you to other preferences pages where you can further tailor Eclipse Code Recommenders to your needs: How many proposals are hightlighted and how is up to you.

Expand It

Expand Code Recommenders to the APIs of your choice.

Eclipse Code Recommenders gives you instantaneous access to an extensive knowledge base about Java and Eclipse APIs. The knowledge about how to use the various APIs is kept in so-called model repositories. You can expand Code Recommenders by adding additional repositories that add support for further APIs. On the Models preference page you can configure further such repositories.

The Code Recommenders > Models preference page

The Model Repositories view

Wherever you are

Works even without constant Internet access.

Whether you are in your office or on the road, Eclipse Code Recommenders gives you access to the knowledge you need. Just pack all the models you need before traveling and Eclipse Code Recommenders works offline as well as online.

The Model Repositories view allows you to download up-front any models from your configured repositories. Moreover, the view is also a great way to browse your model repositories and see for what APIs there are models available.