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RAP 3.21 M2 - New and Noteworthy

Here's a list of the most noteworthy things in the RAP 3.21 M2 milestone build which is available for download since May 06, 2022.

Migration to GitHub

The Eclipse RAP project is now using GitHub for source code and issue tracking instead of Gerrit and Bugzilla.

Instead of Gerrit, we will do our development via GitHub from now on. Under the new Eclipse RAP organisation, the previous Git repositories with all branches and tags can now be found there, whereby the main development is now done in the main instead of the master branch. The old Gerrit repositories will remain in read-only mode and will no longer be updated.

The same applies to issue tracking: For our future work we will use GitHub issues only. Old bugs remain in Bugzilla, but new ones should only be created as GitHub issues for the Eclipse RAP projects.

All relevant build jobs have been updated, our dedicated Jenkins instance remains the same as before.

Issues fixed