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PTP Builds

Note:This page is now out of date. More recent builds are available on the Builds page of the PTP wiki.

These files below contain older builds of PTP and PLDT

Please see the release notes for information on how to install this release of PTP and PLDT.

PTP Core

PTP Core contains the core runtime and debugging support for parallel programs.

PTP Core needs Java 1.5, Eclipse 3.2, and CDT 3.1

For OpenMPI support, PTP requires OpenMPI 1.2 (b4 or later) or 1.0.2.

For MPICH2 support, PTP requires MPICH2 1.0.5p2.

PTP 1.1 is now released - see the downloads page.

PTP 2.0 builds are available from the update site or the 2.0 builds page

PLDT: Parallel Language Development Tools

PLDT contains the MPI Development Tools, plus similar tools for other tools such as OpenMP.

PLDT 1.1 needs Eclipse 3.2 and CDT 3.1. See the downloads page for the release version.

PLDT 2.0

PLDT 2.0 needs Eclipse 3.3 and CDT 4.0. This early access version is made available here prior to the availability of the rest of PTP 2.0.

New features in PLDT 2.0 include:

  • MPI barrier analysis to detect possible deadlocks in MPI programs.
  • Eclipse welcome page leads to PTP info.
  • Wizard improvements including allowing sample MPI file insertion.
  • LAPI supported (separate installation)
  • To use PLDT 2.0, download Eclipse 3.3.x from the Eclipse downloads page, and install CDT 4.0.1, e.g. from the update site.
    A good choice is to use the new simplified download for Eclipse + C/C++ development available on the Eclipse downloads page.


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