JSR220-ORM Plan
A Technology Project Proposal [updated April 13 2005]

The JSR220-ORM Project's goal is to provide a 100% compliant implementation of the JSR 220 persistence and JSR 243 specifications integrated with the Eclipse platform. Further, the goal of the project is to track the changes to these specifications, so that in addition, as they merge together towards a common persistence standard, it will be fully implemented by this project. Finally, the goal is to provide visual development tools that facilitate round trip engineering when using the JSR 220/243 approach to persistence.



The JSR220-ORM Project is strictly tied to the JSR 220 and 243 specifications. Further it will undoubtedly have dependencies on or provide dependencies to other sub projects within the Eclipse Data Tools Project and Web Tools Project. Additionally, elements of the project will depend on JDK 1.5 for annotation support required in JSR 220.



Milestone 1 plan: April 18th, 2005 Release initial Versant Open Access - 4.0 commercial implementation of EJB 3.0 and JDO 2.0 ( JSR 220/243 ) to the open source community which includes initial Eclipse integration ( lacking integration with other Data Tool Projects ) for public review, comment and contribution.   This is a proposal phase opportunity for the community to provide feedback and get involved.

Milestone 2 plan: June 1st, 2005 Release remaining intended functionality of current Versant Open Access 4.0 stand alone visual development tooling, including remaining elements of round trip engineering, visual query builder and object viewer into a fully integrated Eclipse plugin. Release full EJBQL capabilities for JSR 220 support. Present a plan for integrating other identified areas of overlap with other Eclipse projecting including but not limited to Data Tools Project and Web Tools Project . Provide review of any new JSR 220 drafts that affect future milestones.

Milestone 3 plan: August 2005 Release JSR 220 updates that include implementation of all JSR 220 defaults, implementation of JSR 220 meta data for object relational mapping where different from JSR 243. Deliver removal of all vendor specific extensions relating to JSR 243 preview functionality.

The above Milestones are visible and achievable. Other elements including Data Tools Project and Web Tools Project  integration and changes in the evolving JSR 220 specification are less definite. As the months progress, it is expected that these other issues will become clearer and community involvement will be better understood so that ongoing milestones can be established. It is also expected that community involvement will reprioritize deliverables and timelines of milestones