the embedded rich client platform (eRCP)
Project Charter

This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process document) and is written to declare the intent and scope of a proposed project called the Embedded Rich Client Platform, or eRCP. In addition, this proposal is written to solicit additional participation and inputs from the Eclipse community. You are invited to comment on and/or join the project. Please send all feedback to the newsgroup.

The Eclipse Technology Project - eRCP Charter - The Eclipse Foundation

The Embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP) Project is an Eclipse Technology sub-project in line with the Technology Project's mission of investigation and innovation in the platform and tools areas.

The mission of the eRCP Project is to investigate how existing Eclipse RCP technologies can be used or modified for use within embedded devices. The project will primarily concentrate on fulfilling the requirements of mobile devices. Should the investigative phase reveal that RCP technologies may be used, then the intension of the project is to develop open source API specifications, reference implementations, and test suites to enable eRCP application development for embedded devices.

The eRCP project focuses on adapting the following Eclipse components for the embedded space:

  • eSWT
  • Eclipse Runtime and Extension Point Framework
  • eJface
  • eWorkbench
  • eUpdate

There is a component workgroup to focus on each of these components.

Project Management
The eRCP Project as a whole falls under the scope of the Technology Project Charter. This document shall only record additions or exceptions to that Charter. The components of eRCP are managed by the eRCP Project Lead(s).

The Project Lead is expected to ensure that:

  • All components workgroups operate effectively by providing leadership to guide the Project's overall direction and by removing obstacles, solving problems, and resolving conflicts.
  • All component plans, technical documents and reports are publicly available
  • All components workgroups operate using open source rules of engagement: meritocracy, transparency, and open participation.

In addition to the guidelines for committers set forth in the Technology Project Charter, the following rules apply to committers of a particular component:

  1. Multiple committers from a single company are allowed, but each company represented shall have only one vote for any activities which require a vote of committers.
  2. Removal of committers requires a majority + 1 vote of existing committers.

Project Organization
The Project Lead designates the initial set of committers and component leads for each component of the project.

The Development Process
Each component shall deliver a component development and build plan to the Project Lead. These shall be consolidated by the Project Lead for review by the PMC.