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Eclipse Project Status

SOA Platform ProjecteBAM00
SOA Platform ProjecteBPM00
SOA Platform ProjectSCA Tools00
SOA Platform ProjectWinery11
SOA Platform ProjectSOA Platform Project 264
SOA Platform ProjectBPEL Designer 11
SOA Platform ProjectBPMN2 Modeler Project 22
SOA Platform ProjectJava Workflow Tooling 00
SOA Platform ProjectMangrove - SOA Modeling Framework 00
SOA Platform ProjectStardust 232
  • No project activity (project may be new)
  • Activity in the last three months
  • Activity in the last six months
  • No activity for more than six months
  • No activity for more than twelve months

Note that subprojects are included in the determination of liveliness. A project is as lively as the most lively of its subprojects.

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